“Yes” or “No” ?

When I missed my period…

boy was I nervous!

I was a week late to have my monthly blood donation for the gods amusement and was starting to get nervous. I had a few pregnancy tests as a ‘just in case’ situation and this was about as good as any time to use it. The tests I had purchased were the electronic ones that either read “YES” or “NO”. So I sat down with the test and took it. Waited, what seemed like forever, to see the results and boom!

It said Yes!

I was so excited, the timing wasn’t what my husband and I planned for, but none the less I was happy.

I quickly texted my husband and said “Hun I have a surprise for you when you get home.”

He of course was thinking “Sweet she made something awesome for dinner!” (Which he later told me, that’s what he thought). When he walked in the door, I took his hand and immediately walked him into the bathroom. I was a little nervous in telling him as we had just agreed to wait a couple years to start trying. I thought “Oh no, I’m gonna get a terrible reaction to this news,” but no… He surprised me.

He looked me straight in the eyes smiled and said “So this is happening”.


Then the questions set in… How was I going to tell my family and his family… Oh this was gonna be a lot of work.





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