We are off…

My first ultrasound, my husband was at work, I sat there in the waiting room excitedly hoping to get to see the baby.

I was about 6 weeks almost 7 at this point. YAY!

(Which by the way is early to be getting any type of ultrasound, usually doctor’s offices like to wait until you’re 8 weeks)

My doctor actually did an ultrasound and I saw a wittle tiny circle with a wittle tiny piece of rice on the side. A BABY!

(My husband wanted it to be triplets, a one and done type of deal *insert eye roll here*)

This was an extremely exciting moment to see that there was something actually in there! The next thing I couldn’t wait for was the moving and kicking inside me. That is weeks and weeks away!! Patience isn’t my strong suit. I had good patience when I was working directly with little children, but after having a job in retail it flew out the window. I want time to speed up!

At this point we also hadn’t told anyone that we thought we were expecting or that we were, once it was confirmed. Waiting, again the patience, for several weeks to have it to ourselves first was and enjoy the secret. I tried so hard not to scream it to the roof tops! I wanted to tell everyone right away, like right this second and then like twenty more times when I saw them again!

Pregnancy Symptoms at this point were nonexistent which is why I didn’t suspect being pregnant sooner.

The first thing I can recall is being tired is present consistently, I don’t have any nausea or any of the ‘typical’ pregnancy symptoms.

OH! Except barbecue sauce was a must with practically everything I ate!! I ate it on my fries and burgers. There was never enough of it, I actually made my husband go buy some when he went grocery shopping. He FORGOT it the first time and had to go buy it the next time he went shopping. I had this ‘symptom’, and I say it like that because I typically crave foods anyway but its mainly salsa that I want, for several weeks before I found out.

Are there any pregnancy symptoms you had that made you question?





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